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    Trial-Mod Application MUST FALLOW


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    Trial-Mod Application MUST FALLOW

    Post by Admin on Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:51 am

    |   Must have at least 15 hours on the servers |

    1. How Many Hours do you have?:

    2. What is your in-game name?:

    3. Do you have a working microphone?:

    4. Do you have any other experience with Staffing?: (If yes, explain)

    5. Do you believe that you have the required skill set and mind set to moderate a server?:

    6. Do you consider yourself a good problem solver?: (If yes, explain why)

    7. Have you read all staff and server rules thoroughly?:

    8. Can you name a rule that is barely ever enforced?:

    9. Can you name a rule that you barely see staff members following?:

    10. Why do you think you deserve to become a staff member?: (Must be at least one Sentence)

    11. How mature do you believe you are on a scale of one to ten?: (One being the worst and ten being the best)

    12. Are you aware that being a staff member is a serious job that requires you to be on duty helping players that need assistance at least half the time that you are on the server?:

    13. Are you aware that causing drama with staff or players will get you demoted?:

    14. Have You Donated To The Server:

    15. Do you understand that if you abuse your staff powers they will be revoked?:

    All of the admins are very active and vigilant, if you don't feel like your application is getting the attention needed to join, go ahead and pm one of the admins. If you spam us you will be banned. Ban appeals go under the ban appeals subsection of the forums.

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